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Use of Facility.   

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If a Charter School that has received funding pursuant to Section 1859.164.2(b) and has not met the timelines established in Section 1859.166 on a Preliminary Charter School Apportionment, or is no longer occupying the facility constructed with funds derived through a Final Charter School Apportionment, and the review process outlined in Education Code Section 17078.62(b)(1) has been completed (if applicable), then the following events shall occur:

(a) Any qualifying successor charter school shall be permitted to occupy the facility pursuant to Education Code Section 17078.62(b)(2).

(b) If no qualifying successor charter school chooses to occupy the facility, the school district in which the project is physically located may elect to take possession of the facility and pay the balance of the local matching share. The District may qualify for a waiver of repayment if it can meet all the following:

(1) Demonstrate that at the time the Form SAB 50-04 was submitted for Final Charter School Apportionment, the district would have qualified for financial hardship, pursuant to Section 1859.81; and,

(2) Certify to the Board that it will comply with the requirements of Education Code Section 17078.62(b)(4)(B).

(c) If the school district chooses not to take possession of the facility, it shall dispose of the facilities in the manner applicable to the disposal of surplus school sites pursuant to Education Code Sections 17455 through 17484. The proceeds from the sale shall be used to pay off the remaining loan balance, if any.

(d) Pursuant to Education Code Section 17078.62(b)(5)(B), if the school district declines to dispose of the facility it shall provide written notice of its rejection to the Board in the form of written action taken by the governing board of the school district and the Board shall dispose of the property.

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(Amended by Register 2010, No. 41.)