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Legal Resources | Title 5 |    18131.1  

Chapter 19. Child Care And Development Programs. Subchapter 4. State Preschool Program. Article 2. Enrollment Priorities. Collaborative Full-Day Services.   

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(a) When collaborative full-day services are provided with State Preschool contract funds, when the State Preschool contractor is also a Head Start grantee or delegate agency or has a signed collaboration agreement with a Head Start grantee or delegate agency, the State Preschool contractor shall:

(1) Search the county centralized eligibility list (CEL) for eligible children whose family income is at or below the Head Start income guidelines, who need full-day services, and, if the information is included in the CEL, the Head Start enrollment priorities;

(2) Give first priority for services to eligible children based on section 18131(a); and

(3) Give second priority for services to children drawn from the CEL search and any other eligible children from families with incomes not to exceed the exceptions specified in section 18133, who meet Head Start enrollment priorities, as these children shall be deemed as meeting the priorities specified in section 18131(b) and (c).

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(Amended By Register 2008, No. 50.)