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Attestation Regarding Title I Teachers

The following certification must be annually completed and signed by each principal in a school that operates a Title I program pursuant to 20 USC 6314 (schoolwide programs) and 20 USC 6315 (targeted assistance schools).

School: __________________________________ Principal: ________________________

I certify that this school has met all the requirements of 20 USC 6319, including the requirement that all teachers hired after the first day of the 2002-03 school year meet the following qualifications:

1. Hold at least a bachelor's degree

2. Have obtained full certification as a teacher or passed the state teacher licensing examination, and hold a license to teach in California


Have fulfilled the certification and licensure requirements applicable to the years of experience the teacher possesses, or are participating in an alternative route to certification under the conditions described in 20 USC 6319

3. Have not currently had certification or licensure requirements waived on an emergency, temporary or provisional basis

4. At the elementary school level, if new to the profession, have demonstrated subject knowledge and teaching skills in reading/language arts, writing, mathematics and other areas of the basic elementary school curriculum

5. At the middle or high school level, if new to the profession, have demonstrated competency in each of the academic subjects in which the teacher teaches, by either passing a rigorous state academic subject test in each subject or successfully completing an undergraduate major, graduate degree, coursework equivalent to an undergraduate major, or advanced certification or credentialing in each subject

6. At any grade level, if not new to the profession, demonstrate subject matter competency either by fulfilling the applicable criteria listed above for new teachers or meeting a high, objective, uniform state standard of evaluation


Signature of Principal


version: May 27, 2003 North Fork, California




To Parents/Guardians:

The ________________________ School is a Title I school receiving funds through the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001. The NCLB Act grants you the right to know that your child's teacher [include teacher's name when child is instructed by more than one teacher] is authorized to teach in the State of California and satisfies state licensure requirements, but meets one of the following conditions and therefore may not yet satisfy NCLB requirements:

1. Holds a pre-internship certificate

2. Holds an emergency credential

3. Does not have a major or equivalent coursework in the subject matter being taught

If you have any questions, please contact the principal at [ phone number ].


version: May 27, 2003 North Fork, California