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Access To District Records   

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Fees For Document Reproduction, Mailing, And Faxing

Board Agendas

$0.25 per page = mailing cost + $1.00 handling cost

Public Records Act Requests

$0.25 per page = mailing cost = other materials as used =$1.00 handling cost

FAXing of Documents

$0.75 per page

Additional Fees

Special request for e-mailing of documents will be charged at direct personnel time cost.

Special delivery arrangements will be charged at actual cost.

Payment of Fees

All fees must be paid in advance of delivery of the documents. Requestors may pay to the district an amount that will be used as a deposit against potential fees. There will be no charge to other governmental agencies, recognized employee or parent/guardian groups, or other entitled by law or policy to free information access.


approved: August 27, 2002 North Fork, California