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Exceptions to Enrollment Priorities; Ten Percent (10%) Limitation.   

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(a) If no eligible children are on the waiting list, the contractor may enroll children who are not otherwise eligible for participation. This includes children who exceed the age limitations and children from families whose income exceeds the current income ceiling issued by the Child Development Division by fifteen percent (15%) or less of the adjusted monthly income for income eligible families of the same size.

(b) Children enrolled pursuant to subsection (a) above shall comprise a maximum of ten percent (10%) of the total enrollment.

(c) The contractor shall maintain the following information in the basic data file of children enrolled pursuant to this section:

(1) Evidence that shows the contractor has made a diligent search for eligible children;

(2) The child's family income; and

(3) The specific reason(s) for enrolling each child.

(d) To the greatest extent possible, the contractor shall assign children enrolled pursuant to this section to all of the State Preschool program classes within the contractor's jurisdiction.

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(Added by Register 88, No. 50.)