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Legal Resources | Health and Safety Code |  HS  104400  

Risk Reduction; Tobacco Control; Tobacco Use Prevention   

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(a) (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), each county health department or city health department as provided in Section 16800 of the Welfare and Institutions Code shall be the lead local agency for its county. The local lead agency shall have the overall responsibility for the success of the programs funded pursuant to this article in its county.

(2) Counties contracting with the department for the provision of health care services pursuant to Section 16809 of the Welfare and Institutions Code may elect to enter into an arrangement with the department for the administration and provision of funds and services subject to this article in their counties. In those cases, the department shall act as the local lead agency for that county.

(b) The local lead agency shall do all of the following:

(1) Provide, or contract for, preventive health education against tobacco services to targeted populations.

(2) Establish a coordinated information, referral, outreach, and intake system for preventive health education against tobacco services for targeted populations.

(3) Administer funds in accordance with this article, and department guidelines.

(4) Establish a uniform data collection system in compliance with standards and guidelines issued by the department, and submit audit and fiscal reports as required by the department.

(5) Coordinate services authorized by this article within and between county service providers.

(6) Provide technical assistance to service providers.

(7) Review, and suggest improvements to proposed county school district antitobacco plans. Prepare a letter for the county officer of education setting forth conclusions of the review. Work closely with the county office of education to ensure effective coordination of local school and nonschool antitobacco efforts.

(8) Coordinate activities with other governmental agencies.

(c) The local plans described in paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) shall include all of the following:

(1) A description of the targeted population, including age, race, ethnicity, language, education, income levels, its status as urban or rural, transportation needs, and any other information which the local lead agency determines is relevant.

(2) Local data on smoking and tobacco use among the targeted population.

(3) Goals for how many persons of the targeted population will be reached by health education, how many will participate in a smoking prevention or cessation program, and how many will quit or not start smoking as a result.

(4) A description of the direct services to be provided under the plan, including the services to be provided to the targeted populations enumerated in Section 104360 and schoolage youth who do not receive services through public school programs.

(5) Cost estimates for programs identified in the plan.

(Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 5.)