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(a) The faculty of the California State Summer School for the Arts shall be annually selected, subject to the final approval of the director of the school, by the board of trustees, upon consultation with a faculty selection panel convened by the board for that purpose. The faculty selection panel shall be composed of professional artists and arts educators, selected to be broadly representative of the schools, institutions, arts organizations, artists, colleges, and universities located throughout the state. Members of the board of trustees may serve on the faculty selection panel, but shall comprise no more than one-third of any faculty selection panel.

(b) The faculty shall be comprised of professional artists and arts educators, and shall not be restricted to members of the current faculty of the host institution. The faculty shall be selected to be broadly representative of the socioeconomic and ethnic diversity of the state. Each faculty member shall be chosen for his or her excellence in artistic production, direction, or teaching ability. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the faculty shall not be subject to credentialing requirements or any other restrictions upon eligibility for employment generally applicable to public school instructors, except for the requirement of obtaining a certificate of clearance from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing pursuant to Sections 44332.5, 44339, 44340, and 44341.

(c) The members of the faculty shall be paid on a contractual basis and shall not be considered as state employees.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1131, Sec. 10.)


Education Code 44332.5

Education Code 44339

Education Code 44340

Education Code 44341