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Preexisting condition exclusion   

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(a) Any health benefits plan provided by any county superintendent of schools, school district, or community college district pursuant to this article may contain a preexisting condition exclusion, as follows:

(1) The coverage of any person who has a break in coverage, may, for the first three months after reenrollment, exclude any care received for a condition which is caused by, or results from, a condition existing at the time of reenrollment or for which the person received medical advice or treatment during the six-month period immediately preceding reenrollment.

(2) Coverage of any person who is confined to a hospital or his or her home for medical treatment at the time of enrollment in a health plan pursuant to this section shall exclude any benefits until the period commencing on the 15th day following the termination of that confinement.

(b) This section does not apply to any entity which provides a health benefits plan which contains a preexisting condition exclusion.

(c) This section does not apply to any changes in enrollment by a person currently enrolled in a school district's health benefits plan or due to any change in enrollment or coverage caused by the retirement of a person.

(Added by Stats. 1986, Ch. 561, Sec. 4. Effective August 25, 1986.)