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Community Day School   

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Assignment Of Students To Community Day School (Alternative Education Class)

Assignment of students to the Chawanakee Community Day Schools shall be as follows:

1. A student who has been expelled, for any reason, and assigned to the Community Day School by the School Board.

2. A student who is probation referred by law enforcement or other county agencies.

3. A student assigned to the Community Day School by the District Student Review Panel (D.S.R.P.) composed of the following:

a. Chawanakee District Assistant Superintendent or designee

b. Chawanakee District Counselor

c. Site Administrator or designee

d. Community Day School Teacher

e. Regular Classroom Teacher

*Referrals may be made to the D.S.R.P. to improve the academic and/or behavioral status of the student. Referrals may be made by the site Student Study Team, the site administrator, or the parent of the student.


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