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Chawanakee USD  |  AR  4243.1  Personnel

Public Notice - Personnel Negotiations   

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Public Disclosure of Proposed Agreement

The Superintendent or designee shall prepare a summary of the proposed agreement which shall include, but may not necessarily be limited to:

1. Major provisions of the agreement that affect compensation, such as:

a. Direct increases in salaries and percentage change in on-schedule salaries

b. Changes in health and welfare benefits

c. Changes in health and welfare benefit dollar contributions by the district

d. Changes in step and column or longevity provisions

e. Changes in overtime, differential, callback, and standby pay provisions

f. Changes in staffing ratios

g. One-time bonuses or off-the-schedule increases

2. Other provisions that will result in increased costs to the district even if they do not involve an increase in employee compensation, such as class-size reduction or increased number of staff development days

3. Costs of the proposed agreement, for the current and subsequent fiscal years, categorized for salaries, benefits, other compensation, and other noncompensation costs, including percentage increase of total compensation (salaries, benefits, and other compensation provisions) for the average represented employee as a result of the agreement and the approximate cost to the district of providing a one percent increase in total compensation

4. Proposed source(s) of funding for the current and subsequent fiscal years including the assumptions used to determine available resources to meet the obligations of the proposed agreement

5. Other major provisions that do not directly affect the district's costs, such as binding arbitration or grievance procedures

District Longevity

The following provides a benefit to attract and retain long-term District employees. This benefit supersedes any and all other offers. Former employees who have retired previously retain the benefits of the policy which was in effect at the time of their retirement.


1. District: For the purposes of this policy, "District" shall refer to the Chawanakee Unified School District.

2. Half-time Employee: For the purposes of this policy, "half-time employee" refers to any licensed, administrative, or classified employee who works four (4) or more hours per day.

3. Qualifying District Employment Service Credit: For the purpose of this policy, "qualifying District employment service credit" is defined as the years of service credit an employee has earned with Chawanakee Unified School District while working at least half-time as an employee of the District.


Employees are eligible for longevity benefits after their 11th year of continuing employment through the District and increases incrementally through their 16th year of service, remaining at that plateau. Employees who leave the District and then return do not retain service credit prior to their rehire date.


approved: May 27, 2003 North Fork, California

revised: March 2005

revised: November 2007

revised: August 13, 2019