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Chawanakee USD  |  E  9000  Board Bylaws

Roles and Responsibilities of the Governing Board   

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1. The Governing Board shall select a Superintendent who shall be the Board's chief executive officer of the Board. (BB 9000)

2. Through its own bylaws, the Board shall provide for its operation and organization, including, but not limited to, the election of its officers and the establishment of its committees. (BB 9000)

3. The Board shall order elections and provide for the their conduct. (BB 9220)

4. The Board shall suspend or expel students for misconduct when means of correction fail to bring about proper behavior. (BP 5144.1)

5. Subject to conditions and restrictions it may impose, the Board may accept on any bequest or gift of money or property on behalf of the district. (BP 3290)

6. In the name of the district, the Board may sue or be sued, and may hold and convey property for the district's use and benefit. The Board may acquire and pay for equipment, supplies and any other personal property used for district operations It may select and acquire real property within the district, and it may acquire or construct school facilities as provided by law. It shall manage and control school property, both real and personal, within the district. (BP 3270, 3280, 3300, 3320, 7000, 7220)

7. The Board shall insure against the district's liability for damages caused by death, injury to person, or damage or loss of property, and against the personal liability of Board members and district employees for damages caused by the negligent act or omission of the member or employee when acting within the scope of his/her office or employment. It shall also provide any other insurance it deems necessary or which is mandated by law. (BP 3530)

8. The Board shall provide for an annual budget, prepared under the direction of the Superintendent, and shall examine and approve each stage of the budget, provide for a public hearing, adopt the budget and keep it on file for public inspection. The Board shall file its tentative budget on or before July 1 of each year with the County Superintendent of Schools. (BP 3100)

9. The Board shall make and maintain all records and reports required by law. (BP 3460, 3580, 5125)

10. The Board shall maintain schools and classes as provided by law, prescribe rules for the government of such schools, and maintain all elementary and secondary schools with equal rights and privileges as far as possible.

11. The Board may, with the approval of the County Board of Education, enter into agreements with the County Superintendent of Schools for services which he/she is authorized to render, such as audiovisual and library services.

12. The Board may arrange for the conduct of studies through research and investigation in connection with any phase of district educational and operational functions.

13. The Board shall inform the community about its educational programs and the activities of its schools. (BP 1100)

14. The Board may subscribe to membership for any of its schools or personnel in professional organizations and, for Board members, in national, state and local organizations of Governing Boards. It may select Board members or district employees to attend meetings of professional and school Board organizations and pay their expenses. (BB 9240, 9250)

15. The Board shall adopt a district curriculum and approve the texts and instructional materials to be used. The Board shall compare the district curriculum, course content and course sequence with SDE model curriculum standards every three years. (BP 6141, 6161)

16. The Board may provide for interdistrict attendance of students. (BP 5117)

17. The Board shall provide for compulsory attendance of school-age children within its schools and for the orderly maintenance of average daily attendance records.

18. The Board shall support programs that positively impact the mental and physical health of students in accordance with law. It shall maintain student personnel services, including counseling, guidance, testing and special study programs through which each student may attain his/her full personal and educational potential. (BP 5141.21-5141.23, 5141.3, 5141.51, 5141.52 and 6164.2)

19. The Board shall employee certificated and classified personnel and provide for their management. It shall fix and prescribe the duties to be performed by staff. It shall fix all salaries and review salary schedules annually. (BP 4000)

20. The Board may arrange for the promotion, organization and conduct of recreation programs on school premises or elsewhere in the district. It may provide its facilities for use by groups whose programs foster community educational, political, economic, moral or recreational interests. (BP 1330)

21. The Board may provide for transportation of students to and from school, between schools, within or outside the district, for educational, cocurricular and extracurricular activities and for educational field trips. (BP 3540)

22. The Board shall provide for budget control, auditing and for the accurate accounting of district receipts and expenditures, with records open to the public. It shall prescribe related administrative policies and necessary procedures and forms not in conflict with law. (BP 3400)

23. The Board shall study the recommendations of the administration regarding physical plant development and other capital outlay expenditures and shall act upon the Superintendent's recommendations for the repair and maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment.

24. The Board shall consider and adopt an annual calendar for the district. (BP 6111)

25. The Board may provide for the maintenance and operation of a school lunch program, including free meals for needy students. It shall provide for the authorization and control of student activities, organizations and funds. (BP 3550, 3551, 3553, 6145, 6145.5)

26. The Board shall adopt all policies mandated by law and any other policies it considers necessary for district governance. (BP 9311)