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Agreement To Continue In Kindergarten   

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Parental Agreement Form

Agreement For Pupil To Continue In Kindergarten Reflects amendments to Education Code Sections 46300 and 48300, effective Jan. 1, 1991

Name of Pupil ______________________________________________________________

Kindergarten Attendance Anniversary Date ____________________________________

Name of School Official Approving for District __________________________________

Information for parent or guardian

California law provides that after a child has been lawfully admitted to a kindergarten and has attended for a year, the child shall be promoted to the first grade unless the school district and the child's parent/guardian agree to have the child continue to attend kindergarten for not longer than one additional year. This rule applies whether a child begins kindergarten at the beginning of a school year or at some later date, so that a child who begins kindergarten in January, for example, shall be promoted the following January unless there is a formal agreement to have him or her continue in kindergarten. Because kindergarten-age children often do not develop at steady or predictable rates, the California Department of Education recommends that approval for a child to continue not be given until near the anniversary of a child's admittance to kindergarten.

I agree to have my child (named above) continue in kindergarten until _____________


(May not be more than one year beyond anniversary)

________________________________________ _________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian Date


Printed name of Parent/Guardian




Telephone Number


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