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Administrator Training and Evaluation Program   

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The district may, when it deems it appropriate, participate in programs designed to provide support and development activities to improve administrators' clinical supervision skills. Such programs will emphasize:

1. The strengthening of development activities.

2. Collaborative planning of activities among principals and central district administrators.

3. A process for continuation of such planning.

4. A direct relationship between activities and the specific school improvement goals developed under the process, which involves principals, administrators, students and parents.

The primary purpose of the program cannot be to grant a degree or credential to staff nor may funds from the program be used to supplant funds currently expended by the district to administer or conduct staff development programs.

The district plan for administrator training and evaluation shall address objectives identified under Education Codes 44670.4, 52014 and 52015 and any other objectives established by the district, so as to provide site and central district administrators the capacity to provide leadership necessary for:

1. Improving instructional, management, human development, and counseling skills.

2. Ensuring that curricula, instruction, and materials are keyed to the educational needs of each student with particular emphasis on limited non-English-speaking students, disadvantaged students, students with exceptional abilities or needs and students who have not achieved proficiency in basic reading, writing and computational skills.

3. Developing curricula and instructional materials in a wide variety of areas such as arts and humanities and physical, natural, and social sciences.

4. Facilitating collaboration among the school staff and members of the school community in planning, implementing, and evaluating the school program.

5. Improving the school and classroom environment, including relationships between and among students, school personnel, parents/guardians, and community members, including parents.

6. Making activities available to assist participating individuals in using newly acquired skills on the job.

The district's plan shall include a statement of the district's objectives, steps to achieve them, and a proposed budget. The plan shall be designed and implemented under the direction of participating school administrators, including those responsible for supervision of curriculum and instruction, and in cooperation with teacher training institutions. The program will reflect a diversity of development activities, including small groups, self-directed learning, and systematic observation during visits to other schools. District administrators shall actively participate in staff development activities as appropriate.

Such programs shall be conducted at specific times throughout the school year, including periods when participating administrators are released from their regular duty.

Funds for such programs shall not be used to supplant current expenditures by the district for the purpose of administering or conducting staff development programs.

Legal Reference:


44662 Evaluation and assessment guidelines

44670 Staff development

44681-44689 Administrator training and evaluation


adopted: August 16, 1990 North Fork, California