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Student Teachers/University Interns   

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The Governing Board is legitimately interested in the quality of teacher training programs and encourages the use of student teachers/university interns in the district. Such use shall support the instructional needs of the district and may enable future teachers to fulfill state requirements, learn how to teach, and receive valuable feedback which can enhance their competence.

The Superintendent or designee may enter into agreements with accredited colleges and universities to allow student teachers/university interns to have supervised teaching experiences and/or observations within the district. The Superintendent or designee may collaborate with the program administrators of teacher preparation institutions to jointly develop, supervise and evaluate practical programs which provide training, support and evaluation for the student teacher/university intern.

Legal Reference:


44320 Student teaching; requirements and limitation on fees

44321 Student internship courses

44450-44467 Teacher Education Internship Act of 1967


adopted: August 16, 1990 North Fork, California