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Chawanakee USD  |  AR  3220.2  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Instructional Improvement and Accountability Funds   

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Funds received pursuant to the Classroom Instructional Improvement and Accountability Act (State Constitution, Article XVI, Section 8.5) shall be deposited in a separate account and shall be maintained and appropriated separately from other funding sources. Such funds shall supplement other resources and shall not supplant any other funds. (Education Code 41300.1)

To the extent possible, such funds shall be expended or encumbered during the fiscal year in which they are received and shall be used solely for school site instructional activities which directly benefit the instruction of students. Such activities shall be limited to the following: (Education Code 41300.1)

1. Lower student-teacher ratios within the goal of not more than twenty (20) students per teacher.

2. Instructional supplies, instructional equipment, instructional materials and support services necessary to improve school conditions.

3. Direct student services needed to ensure that each student makes academic progress necessary to be promoted to the next appropriate grade level.

4. Staff development which improves services to students or increases the quality and effectiveness of instructional staff, designed and implemented by classroom teachers and other participating school district personnel, including the school principal, with the aid of outside personnel as necessary. Classroom teachers shall comprise the majority of any group designated to design such staff development programs for instructional personnel.

5. Compensation of teachers.


approved: August 16, 1990 North Fork, California