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The following optional policy is offered for districts that wish to preclude agreements which entail the mandatory viewing of commercials.

The Governing Board shall allow no commercials to be broadcast during the school day. If allowed, commercials would become a part of our students' compulsory education and appear to merit the same attention and trust as is accorded to educational materials. The Board believes it is intrusive and not in the best interests of our students to use school time for the promotion of commercial products.

Schools are established and maintained with funds allocated specifically for education, and our students' class time therefore shall be dedicated entirely to education. The Board believes that no student should be required to view commercials in order to attend school and obtain an education. Advertisements may be studied, however, as part of the consumer education curriculum.

At their discretion, teachers may use commercial-free instructional television programs and other instructional materials that do not require advertising to be viewed.

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of Governing Boards

35160.1 Broad authority of school districts

41339 Duty to certify apportionments

41341 Adjustive apportionment for school districts

41342 Authority to make adjustive apportionments or adjustive deductions


adopted: February 15, 1991 North Fork, California