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Chawanakee USD  |  BP  1313  Community Relations

Gifts to School Personnel   

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Gifts from Students

District staff may accept gifts offered by students or parents/guardians in appreciation for services rendered in district programs.

(cf. 5133 - Gifts to School Personnel)

(cf. 3452 - Student Activity Funds)

Gifts from Vendors

District employees shall not accept any gift, commission or expense-paid trip from individuals or companies doing business with the district. The district may reject bids from vendors who offer such incentives.

District employees who work for or serve as consultants for potential vendors shall not participate in evaluating any equipment, materials or services of that vendor or of its competitors.

(cf. 3310 - Purchasing Procedures)

(cf. 3290 - Gifts, Grants and Bequests)

Legal Reference:


60071 Bribery of school official by publisher or manufacturer

60072 Acceptance of bribe by school official

60073 Penalties for violation of article

60074 Supplying sample copies

60075 Receiving sample copies

60076 Inapplicability of article; royalties or other compensation of school official for writing or preparing instructional materials; claim of district to royalty


adopted: August 16, 1990 North Fork, California