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Flex Time   

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The worksheet of a classified employee, as defined in Section 45103 or Section 45256, shall be 40 hours. The workday shall be eight hours.

Overtime hours (any time worked beyond regularly scheduled hours) must be approved in advance by the Superintendent or their Designee. Overtime must be reported using the approved time reporting system and will be paid in accordance with California Labor Law.

Adjustments in regular work schedules for non-exempt staff to accommodate personal or school needs are to be approved in advance by the direct supervisor. When Flex Time is necessary, the employee will work with their direct supervisor to flex their start and/or end time to accommodate the change in schedule, ensuring overtime hours are not accumulated. Flex Time must be adjusted within the same work week to ensure duty hours do not exceed 40 hours/week.


adopted: August 13, 2019 North Fork, California