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Guidelines For Appropriate Dress   

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While Students are Present


The Staff recognizes the importance of promoting positive role models for our students in the Chawanakee Unified School District. The Guidelines for Appropriate Dress include:

1. All clothing shall be neat, clean and acceptable in repair and appearance sufficient to be worn within the bounds of decency, modesty and good taste as appropriate for school.

2. Garments shall be sufficient to appropriately conceal undergarments at all times.

3. Articles of clothing, clothing styles or shoes which present a hazard to the health or safety of the employee or are disruptive/distracting to the educational practice are not acceptable.

4. Haircuts, hair styles, and make-up which feature unusual or extreme colors to the extent they are disruptive to the educational process are not acceptable.

5. Dress may vary depending upon special activities at each work site/or on field trips.


* Dresses, skirts or split skirts

* Suits

* Ties for men - recommended, otherwise collared shirts and/or turtlenecks

* Slacks/pants- no shorter than mid-calf Jeans, any color (must not have holes, frayed, or torn)

* Shorts (Must be dress style; no more than 2" above the knee.)

* Sweaters - non revealing

* Sweatshirts - decorative, seasonal, and for school spirit activities

* Grooming:

o Males: Neatly groomed and clean shaven daily. If growing beard, mustache, etc., notify supervisor. Keep beard, mustache, etc., neatly trimmed.

* Tattoos: Should not be visible, Do your best to cover.

Piercings ears/nose, no visible body piercing. (All Employees)


* Revealing and/or distracting tops and dresses

* Jogging suits, yoga pants, pajama bottoms or sweat pants (except for PE)

* Dresses, skirts or split skirts- more than 2" above the knee

* Shorts ( Holes, frayed or torn)

* Beach type sandals (Flip-flops or board sandals)

* T-shirts with slogans (except school logo worn for special school activities)

* Form fitting slacks

* Hats, caps or other types of head coverings (except when worn for health reasons or as a part of the school uniform)

* Tattoos: Inappropriate language or images (must be covered).

* Piercings: No bull-nose rings or tongue piercings

If you are uncertain or in doubt refrain from wearing.


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