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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 9. Additional Equipment Requirements for School Buses Windows--Type 1 School Bus.   

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The windows on Type 1 school buses shall be as follows:

(a) Size of Opening. Windows shall open and lower vertically and shall provide unobstructed openings not less than 12 in. in height and 264 sq in. in area.

(b) Exceptions. These windows may be stationary and of lesser dimensions:

(1) Rear windows and the rearmost side windows.

(2) Windows in or immediately adjacent to an entrance or emergency door.

(3) Side windows located forward of the entrance door required by Section 1281.

(4) A window on the left side located between the driver's window and the window adjacent to the nearest passenger seat.

(c) Driver's Window. The foremost window to the left of the driver may be of lesser dimensions and may open and close horizontally.

(d) Banding. All exposed edges of glass in windows shall be banded.

(e) Latches. On Type 1 school buses constructed on or after January 1, 1957, window latches shall be designed so that no sharp edges protrude.

Authority cited:

Vehicle Code 34501.5

Vehicle Code 34508

Education Code 39831


Vehicle Code 34501.5

Vehicle Code 34508

Education Code 39831

(Amended by Register 83, No. 18.)