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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 9. Additional Equipment Requirements for School Buses Doors.   

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In addition to the provisions in Section 1267 of this title, the following regulations apply to nonemergency doors on school buses.

(a) Type 1 Buses. Doors on Type 1 school buses shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The entrance and exit door shall be on the right-hand side, toward the front of the bus, and directly within the view and under the control of the driver. The door will be deemed to be directly within the view of the driver only if the front of the opening is in front of a line drawn across the bus immediately in front of the driver's backrest.

(2) Although not required, there may be a door beside the driver for the exclusive use of the driver.

(3) School buses constructed after January 1, 1950, shall comply with these additional requirements.

(A) The entrance and exit door shall provide an unobstructed opening at least 24 in. wide and 65 in. high.

(B) Approved safety glazing shall be installed in door panels. In the lower panel, the bottom of the glazing shall not be more than 35 in. from ground level with the bus unloaded. In the upper panel, the top of the glazing shall not be more than 6 in. from the top of the door.

(C) Flexible material shall be affixed to the vertical-closing edges of the door.

(b) Door Padding. On all Type 1 school buses, and Type 2 school buses manufactured on and after July 1, 1970, the inside top door frame shall be cushioned by soft padding at least 1/2 in. thick, to prevent head injuries.

Authority cited:

Vehicle Code 34508


Vehicle Code 34508

(Amended by Register 84, No. 20.)