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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety [FNA1] Article 8. General Equipment Requirements (Refs & Annos) Formerly Subchapter 6, Article 2 (Sections 1210-1230, not consecutive). Emergency Exits.   

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Buses (except school buses and buses operated by law enforcement agencies to transport prisoners) and all farm labor vehicles shall be equipped with emergency exits as follows:

(a) September 1, 1973, and Later--Every Type 1 bus manufactured on or after September 1, 1973, shall comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 217 applicable at the time of manufacture.

(b) Before September 1973--Every Type 1 bus manufactured before September 1, 1973, shall be equipped with at least one of the following:

(1) An emergency door on the left side to the rear of the driver's seat

(2) An emergency door at the rear center of the bus

(3) Escape windows of the push-out type

(c) Type 2 Bus--Every Type 2 bus shall be equipped with at least one emergency door or push-out escape window either at the rear of the bus or on each side, to the rear of the driver's seat.

(d) Federal Standard--Buses equipped with emergency exits conforming to FMVSS 217 are deemed in compliance with this section.

(e) Exemption--Any bus in service within single or adjoining municipalities or business or residential districts adjacent to and commercially part of such municipalities is exempt from emergency exit requirements when equipped with a door next to each passenger seat or (in addition to the front entrance) an exit door that can be easily opened by a passenger in an emergency. Open air type buses shall be deemed in compliance with this subsection if the side enclosures do not exceed 50 in. in height measured from the vehicle floor and the open area meets the emergency exit size and location requirements in FMVSS 217 for buses of 10,000 GVWR or less.

(f) Specifications for Emergency Doors--Every emergency door shall have:

(1) An opening from the floor to the top of the window line or higher and at least 24 in. wide

(2) A latch that can be readily opened by a passenger in an emergency

(3) On buses (other than farm labor vehicles) a warning device that is not directly connected with any lighting circuit and will actuate, when the door is unlatched, either an audible signal or an easily seen red light on the instrument panel

(4) A sign reading ?Emergency Door? on the interior of each emergency door or center exit door used in lieu thereof, except that farm labor vehicles shall have signs reading ?Emergency Exit? on the exterior and interior of emergency exits printed in English and the language of the workers being transported

(g) Emergency Exit Locking Device. Every emergency exit locking device shall be designed and installed in such a manner that it cannot move to a locked condition as a result of vehicle vibration, vehicle movement or other unintentional causes.

(h) Farm Labor Vehicle Emergency Exits--Every farm labor vehicle with side enclosures more than 50 in. high, or with clearance of less than 30 in. between the upper edge of the side enclosures and the top, or with vertical roof supports less than 30 in. apart shall have an emergency exit remote from the entrance. Vehicles conforming with emergency exit requirements of subsection (f) of this section shall be deemed in compliance.

(1) Size of Door Opening. Farm labor vehicle emergency exit doors shall have an opening at least 7 sq ft in area and 2 ft wide. They shall be operable from both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Single-panel hinged side doors shall be hinged on the front edge.

(2) Aisle Space. Farm labor vehicle aisle space shall be sufficient to permit rapid movement or unloading of passengers in event of an emergency. In no event, shall an aisle or other access to any emergency exit be blocked by baggage or other obstacles.

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(Amended by Register 2012, No. 31.)