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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 8. General Equipment Requirements Liquid Fuel Supply Tanks and Systems.   

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Motor vehicles (except school buses) propelled by fuel that is liquid at normal atmospheric pressures and temperatures shall be equipped as follows:

(a) General Requirements. Every tank or container that contains fuel for the motor vehicle upon which it is installed shall be substantially constructed, free of leaks, securely mounted, maintained in good condition,and sealed by a cap or plug with a bayonet-type joint, screw threads, or other equally effective means of securement. No fuel system shall permit direct gravity or siphon feed to the carburetor or injector.

(b) Projection. No part of any fuel tank, container, or intake pipe, including valves and pipes, shall project beyond the overall width or forward of the front axle of the motor vehicle upon which it is installed. Drains and fittings attached to the bottom of diesel fuel tanks shall be mounted as close to the tank as practicable.

(c) Installation. Fuel supply lines shall be properly supported to minimize vibration.

(1) Fuel lines shall not extend between the towed and towing vehicles of a vehicle combination in motion.

(2) Selector valves for regulating fuel feed from more than one tank shall not be operable while the vehicle is in motion unless they are within easy reach of the driver.

(d) Additional Requirements for Motor Vehicles Manufactured after July 1, 1997.

(1) A fuel line which is not completely enclosed in a protective housing must not extend more than two inches below the fuel tank or its sump. Diesel fuel crossover, return, and withdrawal lines which extend below the bottom of the tank or sump must be protected against damage from impact.

(2) Excess Flow Valve. When pressure devices are used to force fuel from a fuel tank, a device which prevents the flow of fuel from the fuel tank if the fuel feed line is broken must be installed in the fuel system.

Authority cited:

Vehicle Code 34501


Vehicle Code 34501

(Added by Register 96, No. 25.)