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Legal Resources | Code of Regulations, Title 13 |  T13  1251  

Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 8. General Equipment Requirements Dump Body Vehicle Equipment.   

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Every vehicle equipped with a dump body that tilts to release its load through an opening at the rear by gravity, or a hopper body that releases its load without tilting through a bottom-hinged opening, shall comply with the following applicable requirements:

(a) Identification of Load Release Functions. Identification plates, labels, or markings shall clearly indicate the functions of hopper body load release actuator switches and valves and of dump body elevating controls located in driver's compartments.

(b) Electrical Load Release Controls. Electrical wiring circuits used to actuate hopper body load release mechanisms shall comply with the requirements in Section 1249, subsections (a), (b), and (d) of this title. Such wiring shall not terminate in plugs, connectors, or connections used for other electrical circuits. Load release actuator switches mounted on instrument panels in driver's compartments shall be protected by guards or spring-loaded covers to prevent unintentional operation.

(c) Pneumatic Load Release Controls. Pneumatic control valves located in driver's compartments to actuate hopper body load release mechanisms shall be installed, protected, or guarded to prevent unintentional operation.

(d) Hydraulic Elevating Systems. Every dump body, elevating mechanism, or hydraulic system control shall have a device that gives the driver a clearly audible or visible warning when sufficient force is applied to cause or sustain dumpbody elevation.

(e) External Controls. Unless designed to prevent accidental actuation, load elevating and releasing controls located outside driver's compartments shall be installed in a protected location or shielded to prevent accidental actuation.