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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 6.5. Carrier Identification Numbers Reconciliation of Records.   

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(a) Conformance With This Article. The department maintains an ongoing effort to conform its electronic records to the requirements of this article by each of the following actions:

(1) Identifying persons who may have been assigned more than one CA number and consolidating all of that person's information under one CA number, requiring the person to use only that single CA number, and deleting superfluous CA numbers and their associated records from the record system;

(2) Identifying CA numbers that represent multiple legal entities and requiring each legal entity who is a motor carrier or a motor carrier of property to obtain a separate CA number; and

(3) Identifying legal entities that have been assigned a CA number but which are not, and never were, either a motor carrier or a motor carrier of property, and removing those entities from the record system of the department after transferring any information to the record of the true owner, as appropriate.

(b) Time to Comply. In carrying out the objectives of subsection (a), the department will use the most expeditious methods to communicate with persons who are subject to this article, such as using telephone or facsimile communications to the extent they are practical. When it is determined that a person is actually multiple persons and additional CA numbers are needed, or that a person has multiple CA numbers and one or more of them must be discontinued, the department will grant a reasonable period of time for the submission of new applications pursuant to Section 1235.1, the updating of carrier identification information, and if necessary, the remarking of vehicles pursuant to Section 34507.5 of the Vehicle Code. The department will negotiate a date by which any necessary remarking of vehicles with correct CA numbers will be accomplished, and provide to the person or persons a letter which can be copied and carried in vehicles and shown to any peace officer to show that the process of achieving compliance is in progress pursuant to a negotiated agreement.

(c) Enforcement. It is not the intent of the department to take enforcement action against any person who reasonably may not have known that he or she has been using an incorrect CA number due to any of the circumstances indicated in subsection (a). Enforcement action shall be taken only when the department has determined that a person is uncooperative in complying with the requirements of this article.

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(Added by Register 2002, No. 12.)