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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 6.5. Carrier Identification Numbers Application for Carrier Identification Number.   

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(a) Required Application. Persons subject to Section 34507.5 of the Vehicle Code shall apply to the department for a carrier identification number as required by that section, using the application specified in paragraph (e).

(b) Person Defined. Whenever in this article reference is made to a person, it shall be understood to mean an individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, state or local government agency, firm, association, or other legal entity who is subject to Section 34507.5 of the Vehicle Code. For purposes of this article, the terms "carrier," "firm," "legal entity," "motor carrier," "motor carrier of property," "organization," "owner," "person," or other collective term shall be interchangeable unless specified otherwise in a specific instance.

(c) CA Number. The carrier identification number referenced in Section 34507.5 of the Vehicle Code shall be referred to in this section as a "CA number." CA numbers are generated by an automated record system operated by the department. CA numbers shall be assigned to each new applicant in sequence, and requests for specific numbers shall not be honored by the department.

(d) Application Fee. Applications for CA numbers are received and processed without charge to the applicant.

(e) Motor Carrier Profile. Persons subject to Section 34507.5 of the Vehicle Code shall submit a completed application for a CA number on a Motor Carrier Profile, CHP 362, as revised in June 1999, which is hereby incorporated by reference.

(1) Single copies of this application are available free of charge from the department at its field division offices in Redding, Rancho Cordova, Vallejo, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, and San Bernardino, or from its Commercial Vehicle Section in Sacramento.

(2) The current version of the application is also available for printing from the Internet at the department's Internet site at under Forms. The specific location of this application on the department's Internet site may vary over time as the site is updated, but should be locatable using the search term "CHP 362."

(f) Completion and Submission. Applications shall be completed legibly, and mailed or otherwise delivered to the department according to the instructions contained in the application.

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(Added to Register 2002, No. 12.)