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Competence in Evaluation of Teachers   

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Candidates for evaluation certification shall:

1. Possess a valid California administrative credential.

2. Demonstrate competencies in instructional methodologies and suitable learning environment by:

a. Being knowledgeable of expected content coverage.

b. Planning for the achievement of specified objectives.

c. Analyzing a task into its prerequisite skills and sequences of learning.

d. Applying principles of learning including human development.

e. Applying a repertoire of teaching strategies depending on the instructional objectives and the learners needs, styles, and capacities.

f. Monitoring students' progress toward goal achievement.

g. Monitoring students' on-task behavior.

h. Gathering data about, and keeping records of, student progress.

i. Analyzing, evaluating, and modifying the effectiveness of teaching strategies.

j. Applying classroom management skills including setting classroom rules and using appropriate interventions.

k. Demonstrating behaviors that promote equal opportunity such as proximity and opportunity for response and access to student leadership opportunities.

3. Demonstrate skills in supervision of instruction by:

a. Conferencing with the teacher before and after instruction.

b. Observing classroom instruction and student performance.

c. Facilitating the teacher's analysis, evaluation, and modification of the teaching strategies and lesson design.

d. Designing inservice strategies for instructional improvement.

e. Facilitating the acquisition of materials, facility arrangement, scheduling, and provides resources, or other support services needed to improve instruction and learning.

4. Demonstrating techniques and procedures of instructional evaluation by:

a. Being knowledgeable of the legal provisions and Board adopted policies and procedures governing supervision, evaluation and dismissal.

b. Following district procedures, policies, and priorities for curriculum implementation.

c. Ensuring that teachers are aware of the district adopted evaluation procedures and the criteria for judging instructional quality.

d. Applying district adopted criteria for judging teacher and instructional effectiveness.

e. Using goals and objectives for improved instructional practices.

f. Designing inservice opportunities and providing resources for teachers acquiring needed skills.

g. Monitoring teacher progress toward goals and objectives.

h. Summarizing evaluations, making recommendations and commendations.


North Fork, California