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Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action   

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Termination of Probationary Employment

At any time prior to the expiration of the probationary period, the Governing Board may, at its discretion, dismiss a probationary classified employee from the employ of the district. A probationary employee shall not be entitled to a hearing.

Involuntary Suspension Without Pay, Demotion, Reduction of Pay Step in Class, or Dismissal of Permanent Classified Employees

Permanent classified employees shall be subject to personnel action (suspension without pay, demotion, reduction of pay step in class, dismissal) only for cause in accordance with law. The Board's determination of the sufficiency of the cause for disciplinary action shall be conclusive.

Initiation and Notification of Charges

The Superintendent or any designated representative of the Superintendent may initiate a personnel action in accordance with law and district guidelines against a permanent classified employee.

In all cases involving a personnel action, the person initiating said action shall file a written recommendation of personnel action with the Board. A copy of the recommendation shall be served upon the employee either personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, at the employee's last known address. The recommendation shall include:

1. A statement of the nature of the personnel action (suspension without pay, demotion, reduction of pay step in class, or dismissal).

2. A statement of the cause or causes therefor as set forth above.

3. A statement of the specific acts or omissions upon which the causes are based. If violation of rule, policy, or regulation of the district is alleged, the rule, policy, or regulation violated shall be set forth in the recommendation.

4. A statement of the employee's right to appeal from the recommendation and the manner and time within which his/her appeal must be filed.

5. A card or paper, the signing and filing of which shall constitute a demand for hearing and a denial of all charges.

Employment Status Pending Appeal or Waiver

Except as provided herein, any employee against whom a recommendation of personnel action has been issued shall remain on active duty status and responsible for fulfilling the duties of the position pending his/her appeal or waiver thereof.

In cases where the Superintendent or designated representative has determined that a permanent classified employee should be dismissed and that continuation of the employee in active duty status after a written recommendation of such personnel action has been issued would result in an unreasonable risk of harm to students, staff, or property during the time the proceedings are pending, the Superintendent or designated representative may order the employee immediately suspended from his/her duties without pay in conjunction with the recommendation of personnel action. Such suspension order shall comply with law and district procedures.

Time Limit of Suspension

Any suspensions (except a suspension imposed under 3., above) invoked under these rules against any one person in the classified service for one or more periods shall not aggregate more than ninety (90) calendar days in any twelve (12) month period; provided, however, this time limitation is inapplicable to cases in which personnel action of dismissal is modified by the Board to a suspension.

Right to Appeal

The employee may, within five (5) calendar days after receiving the recommendation of personnel action described above, appeal by signing and filing the card or paper included with the recommendation. Any other written document signed and appropriately filed in accordance with law within the specified time limit by the employee shall constitute a sufficient notice of appeal.

If the employee against whom a recommendation of personnel action has been filed fails to file a notice of appeal within the time specified in these rules, the employee shall be deemed to have waived his/her right to appeal, and the Board may order the recommended personnel action into effect immediately.

Amended/Supplemental Charges

At any time before an employee's appeal is finally submitted to the Board or to a hearing officer for decision, the complainant may, with the consent of the Board or hearing officer, serve on the employee and file with the Board an amended or supplemental recommendation of personnel action.

If the amended or supplemental recommendation presents new causes or allegations, the employee shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to prepare his/her defense thereto. Any new causes or allegations shall be deemed controverted and any objections to the amended or supplemental causes or allegation may be made orally at the hearing and shall be noted on the record.

Hearing Procedures

1. The hearing shall be held at the earliest convenient date, taking into consideration the established schedule of the Board or hearing officer and the availability of counsel and witnesses. The parties shall be notified of the time and place of the hearing. The employee shall be entitled to appear personally, produce evidence, and have counsel and, if demand is made therefor when the Board is hearing the appeal, a public hearing. The complainant may also be represented by counsel. The procedure entitled "Administrative Adjudication" commencing at Section 11500 of the Government Code shall not be applicable to any such hearing before the Board or a hearing officer. Neither the Board nor a hearing officer shall be bound by rules or evidence used in California courts. Informality in any such hearing shall not invalidate any order or decision made or approved by the hearing officer or the Board.

2. All hearings shall be heard by a hearing officer (who shall be an attorney licensed in the State of California) except in those cases where the Board determines to hear the appeal themselves. In any case in which the Board hears the appeal, the Board may utilize the services of its counsel or a hearing officer in ruling upon procedural questions, objections to evidence, and issues of law. If the appeal is heard by the Board, it shall affirm, modify or revoke the recommended personnel action.

3. In arriving at a decision or a proposed decision on the personnel action, the Board may consider the records of any prior personnel action proceedings against the employee in which a personnel action was ultimately sustained and any records contained in the employee's personnel files if such records were introduced into evidence at the hearing.

4. The decision of the Board shall be in writing and shall contain findings of fact and the personnel action approved, if any. The findings may be stated in the language of the pleadings or reference thereto.

Hearing Decision

The decision of the Board shall be certified to the complainant from whose recommendation the appeal is taken and shall be enforced and followed by him/her. A copy of the decision shall be delivered to the appellant or his/her designated representative personally or by registered mail. The decision of the Board shall be final.

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adopted: August 16, 1990 North Fork, California