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Management/Supervisory/Confidential Professional Leaves   

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The Board of Education may grant a sabbatical leave to certificated management employees for study, including study in another area of specialization, for travel, or for other reasons of value to the district, subject to the following conditions:

1. In cases of travel, at the end of the sabbatical period the employee returning from such leave must submit a written report.

2. Requests for sabbatical leave must be received by the Superintendent, in writing, not later that February 15, and action must be taken on all such requests no later than April 15, of the school year preceding the school year for which the sabbatical leave is requested. The Superintendent shall designate three members of the management team to review requests. This committee shall recommend acceptance or rejection of the sabbatical leave request. The Board shall make the final decision to approve or deny the request for sabbatical leave.

3. Not more than one sabbatical shall be granted in each seven year period. (Education Codes 44966, 44967)

4. Service under a nationally recognized fellowship or foundation approved by the State Board of Education, for a period of not more than one year, for research, teaching, or lecturing shall not be deemed a break in continuity of service, and the period of such absence shall be included in computing the seven consecutive years of service required by this section. (Education Code 44967)

5. Unless the employee otherwise agrees, at the expiration of the leave of absence the employee shall be reinstated in the position held by the employee at the time of the granting of the leave of absence. (Education Code 44969, 44973)

6. The Board shall be freed from any liability for the payment of any compensation of damages provided by law for the death or injury of an employee of the district employed in a position requiring certification qualifications when the death or injury occurs while the employee is on any leave of absence granted under the provisions of Education Codes 4496244976, inclusive.

7. Upon return from sabbatical leave, an employee shall be placed on the salary schedule at the level which the employee would have achieved had the employee remained actively employed in the district during the period of absence.

8. Any sabbatical leave granted will be for no more than a total of one year. Sabbatical leaves shall coincide with the school year, unless otherwise recommended by the Superintendent. Sabbatical leave may be granted for semesters or quarters as long as the total leave is begun and finished during a three year period. (Education Code 44966)

9. The amount of compensation, if any, provided for sabbatical leave shall be at the discretion of the Board.


approved: December 15, 2003 Castro Valley, California