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Castro Valley USD |  AR  4212.7  Personnel


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The principal is responsible for the orientation of new teachers assigned to his/her school. He/she should give information and general directions in regard to the following:

1. The names of fellow teachers, the office clerk, cafeteria personnel, custodians, and special staff personnel who will come to the building.

2. Locations and use of physical facilities of building; classroom, cafeteria, library, teachers' lounge, and lavatories.

3. Teaching materials: courses of study, guide books, textbooks, and supplementary materials for grade and subject.

4. School forms: attendance reports, student and school records, transfers, purchase orders, plan books, etc.

5. Method of ordering books and supplies, securing audio-visual equipment, getting material duplicated, and disposing of lost and found articles.

6. Schedule and meaning of all bell signals.

7. Regulations for students in building and on school grounds; use of entrances, exits, lavatories, playground areas, equipment and activities; regulations for students during, before, and after school hours.

8. Directions regarding building meetings, inservice training meetings, other meetings, assignments to school committees, fire drill regulations, policies concerning teacher's absence, attendance, dismissal, excuse of students from school, etc,

9. The goals and aspirations of the district.


approved: August 29, 2013 Castro Valley, California