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Dress And Grooming   

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The Board of Education believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment. Castro Valley Unified School District's student dress code supports equitable educational access and is written in a manner that does not reinforce stereotypes. To ensure effective and equitable enforcement of this dress code, school staff shall enforce the dress code consistently and in a manner that does not reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression of any group based on race, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, cultural observance, household income or body type/size.

Our values are:

* All students should be able to dress comfortably for school and engage in the educational environment without fear of or actual unnecessary discipline or body shaming.

* All students and staff should understand that they are responsible for managing their own personal "distractions" without regulating individual students' clothing/self-expression.

* Student dress code enforcement should not result in unnecessary barriers to school attendance.

Our student dress code is designed to accomplish several goals:

* Maintain a safe learning environment.

* Allow students to wear clothing of their choice.

* Allow students to wear clothing that expresses their self-identified gender.

* Allow students to wear religious attire without fear of discipline or discrimination.

* Prevent students from wearing clothing or accessories with images or language that include profanity, hate speech, and pornography.

* Prevent students from wearing clothing or accessories that denote, suggest, display or reference alcohol, drugs or related paraphernalia or other illegal conduct or activities.

* Prevent students from wearing clothing or accessories that reasonably can be construed as being or including content that is racist, lewd, vulgar or obscene, or that reasonably can be construed as containing fighting words, speech that incites others to imminent lawless action, defamatory speech, or threats to others.

* Students in Castro Valley School District are "showing up to learn". The dress code is meant to inspire pride and confidence for success as students grow toward entry into the 21st-century professional work environment.

(cf. 4119.22 - Dress and Grooming)

(cf. 5145.2 - Freedom of Speech/Expression)

Students and parents/guardians shall be informed about dress and grooming standards at the beginning of the school year and whenever these standards are revised. A student who violates these standards shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

Gang-Related Apparel

The principal, staff and parents/guardians at a school may establish a reasonable dress code that prohibits students from wearing gang-related apparel when there is evidence of a gang presence that disrupts or threatens to disrupt the school's activities. Such a dress code may be included as part of the school safety plan and must be presented to the Board for approval. The Board shall approve the plan upon determining that it is necessary to protect the health and safety of the school's students.

(cf. 0450 - Comprehensive Safety Plan)

(cf. 5136 - Gangs)

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adopted: March 14, 2019 Castro Valley, California