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Castro Valley USD |  BP  1325.1  Community Relations

Permitted Advertising On District Property   

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The Board of Education desires to promote positive relationships between the schools and community organizations in order to enhance community support and involvement in the schools.

The Superintendent or designee may approve paid advertisements on district property on a limited, nonexclusive basis or an exclusive basis when permitted by law, consistent with the purpose of this policy.

Definition of District Property

For the purposes of this policy only, the term "district property" includes, without limitation, all district owned or leased buildings and land, and surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and parking lots under the district's ownership or control. District owned vehicles are covered by this policy at all times regardless of whether they are on district property, or are being used for district related business.

Definition of Advertising

For the purposes of this policy only, the term "advertising" includes payment by an organization, or company for space on any district property to display a temporary logo, product, service, message or any display that could be considered advertising. Sponsorships will be considered a form of advertising. No permanent advertising will be permitted.


In implementing this policy, the Board does not intend to create an open forum for advertising, but rather only to sell advertising to organizations and companies with whom the district has entered into a contract or partnership, such as companies which have provided financial or other contributions to further the district's educational mission, or otherwise advanced the quality of education in the district.

The use of advertisements does not imply district endorsement of any identified products or services.

Development of Regulations

The Superintendent or designee shall develop regulation(s) necessary to implement this policy. Nothing in this policy is designed to prohibit approved student and parent organizations from posting information, sponsorships and/or advertising.


adopted: June 10, 2010 Castro Valley, California

revised: August 16, 2012