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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 22.5. Reading First Achievement Index/Definition Of Significant Progress Reading First Achievement Index.   

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(a) The California Reading First Plan, approved by the United States Department of Education on August 23, 2002, requires the development of criteria to determine progress for Reading First local educational agencies (LEAs). To comply with this requirement, the Reading First Achievement Index (RFAI) was created. The RFAI is an annually calculated numerical index of a school's reading achievement in kindergarten through grade three, and comprises weighted test results from the following assessments:

(1) The Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR), California Standards Test (CST) in English language arts, for grades two and three. Each of these assessments is weighted as 30 percent of a school's RFAI, for a total of 60 percent;

(2) The STAR norm-referenced subtests in reading, language arts, and spelling for grade three. The reading subtest is weighted as 6 percent, the language arts subtest as 2 percent, and the spelling subtest as 2 percent of a school's RFAI, for a total of 10 percent; and

(3) The Reading First End-of-Year Reading Assessments in either English or Spanish for kindergarten through grade three. The kindergarten and grade three assessments are each weighted as 5 percent of a school's RFAI, and grade one and two assessments are each weighted as 10 percent of a school's RFAI, for a total of 30 percent.

(b) If a school does not have test results as specified in section 11991(a), due to either not having classrooms in one or more of the primary grade levels, kindergarten through grade three, or having less than 11 students in any grade level, the LEA's mean values on those missing data elements will be used to calculate the school's RFAI.

(c) If a school does not submit test results for any of the assessments specified in section 11991(a), a value of zero will be used for that data element to calculate the school's RFAI.

(d) If a school does not have at least 45 percent of the RFAI weights specified in section 11991(a), an RFAI will not be calculated for that school.

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