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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |    7225  

Part B - Public Charter Schools. Subpart 3 - Voluntary Public School Choice Programs. Grants.   

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(a) Authorization From funds made available under section 7225g of this title to carry out this subpart, the Secretary shall award grants, on a competitive basis, to eligible entities to enable the entities to establish or expand a program of public school choice (referred to in this subpart as a "program") in accordance with this subpart.

(b) Duration Grants awarded under subsection (a) of this section may be awarded for a period of not more than 5 years.

(Pub. L. 89-10, title V, Sec. 5241, as added Pub. L. 107-110, title V, Sec. 501, Jan. 8, 2002, 115 Stat. 1803.)