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California Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission.   

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The chairperson of the commission on its behalf shall appoint an executive director who shall serve at the pleasure of the commission and shall receive an annual salary which shall be established by the chairperson of the commission. The commission may delegate to the executive director the authority to enter contracts on behalf of the commission. The commission may employ such additional staff as it deems necessary and appropriate to carry out the provisions of this title. The commission shall charge fees commensurate with its direct expenses and those of the office of the State Treasurer in performing its duties pursuant to this title. Amounts received under this section shall be deposited in the Industrial Development Fund which is hereby created and shall be available, when appropriated, for the expenses of the commission and appropriated pursuant to this section for the expenses of the commission, the commission may borrow such moneys as may be required for the purpose of the meeting necessary expenses of initial organization and operation of the commission.

(Amended by Stats. 1992, Ch. 509, Sec. 10.)