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Commission on Teacher Credentialing; members   

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There is hereby established in the state government the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, to consist of 15 voting members, 14 of whom shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, as specified in subdivisions (b) to (g), inclusive. The commission shall consist of the following members:

(a) The Superintendent of Public Instruction or his or her designee.

(b) Six practicing teachers from public elementary and secondary schools in California.

(c) One person who is employed on the basis of a services credential other than an administrative services credential.

(d) One member of a school district governing board.

(e) Four representatives of the public. None of these persons shall have been employed by an elementary or secondary school district in a position requiring certification, or shall have served as a school district governing board member in the five-year period immediately prior to his or her appointment to the commission.

(f) One school administrator in a public elementary or secondary school in California.

(g) One faculty member from a college or university that grants baccalaureate degrees.

With the exception of the four representatives of the public and the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the appointment of a member shall terminate if he or she is no longer a practicing teacher in a public elementary or secondary school, or a person who is employed on the basis of a valid services credential or a school administrator, or a faculty member of a college or university that grants baccalaureate degrees, or a school district governing board member, as may be the case, in California.

Not more than one member of the commission is to be appointed from the same school district or college or university campus.

The term of each member appointed to the commission on or prior to June 30, 1989, shall expire on July 1, 1989. It is the intent of the Legislature that as of July 1, 1989, the Governor first appoint to the commission, as feasible, members of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing whose terms, notwithstanding this section, would not have expired, to facilitate the transition to a commission with a reduced membership. Commencing July 1, 1989, four members shall be appointed to the commission for terms of two years, five members for terms of three years, and five members of terms of four years.

(h) Each appointment pursuant to this Section shall expire on November 20 of the year of expiration of the applicable term. All appointments made pursuant to this section shall be subject to Section 44213.

(Amended by Stats. 1988, Ch. 1355, Sec. 4.5.)