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School-Sponsored Trips   

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The Castro Valley Unified School District recognizes the value of travel experiences in the educational experience of students. While valuing these experiences, the district also recognizes its responsibility to ensure safety, responsible planning, and equity for all school district sponsored trips. No student shall be denied participation due to lack of funds.

For the purpose of this policy and its related procedures, student travel is divided into the following categories, based on length of trip, distance and cost:

School Sponsored Trip Definitions

Trips that have gone through the appropriate school approval process and are planned, promoted, and conducted by school staff using school supplies, services or facilities are considered School Sponsored Trips. All school district policies, procedures, and rules apply during all phases of the trip.

Category 1: Day Field Trips/Athletic Trips (Site approval)

Trips that do not require overnight stay.

Category 2: Extended Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Trips (Site, Assistant Superintendent, and Board approval)

Trips that are within California, typically requiring overnight stay.

Category 3: Out of State or Special Event Trips (Site, Assistant Superintendent, and Board approval)

Trips that are outside California or the United States, requiring overnight stay.

School Sponsored Trip Planning Considerations

The evaluation of all school sponsored trips should include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Educational, co-curricular, or extra-curricular value

2. Safety and liability issues

3. Supervision needs, plans, and logistical consideration of students with special needs

4. Transportation arrangements

5. Consideration of other classes (secondary)

6. Cost to the student and family of the student

7. Cost to the school/district

8. Cost to the community due to fund raising efforts

9. Waivers and health/medical information

10. Communication procedures

Non-School Sponsored (Private) Trips

These are independent trips that are not approved, required, or funded by the Castro Valley Unified School District and take place during non-school hours. Examples are non-school sponsored summer trips out of state or to foreign countries. Any staff member involved is acting as an individual, not as an employee of the school district. Organizers of such trips must ensure that students and parents understand that the trip is not school sponsored, that the school district is in no way responsible for any cost or legal liability related to, arising out, or incurred during the trip, and that school district policies, procedures, and rules do not apply to the trip. This information shall be provided in writing to students and parents by the trip organizer. School communication systems, supplies, or equipment may not be used for the planning, promotion or conduct of such trips.

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adopted: December 11, 2014 Castro Valley, California