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Advertising And Promotion   

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The district reserves the right to grant permission to certain non-profit organizations to distribute materials through the schools, to students, regarding student-related activities. The superintendent or designee shall approve or deny the use of all banners, signs, or other advertisement or promotional material on school district property. Any and all such materials and/or the content thereof are subject to review and approval. Further, all signs and advertising must be consistent with the district's core values and beliefs.

Sponsors will also not be permitted to distribute any advertisement or promotional content which materially and/or substantially interferes with, or may be disruptive to, the educational process or the requirements of school operation. Materials from organizations which are not district-sponsored may be allowed, on a limited basis. Requests for permission to distribute materials through the district's schools are to be directed to the Superintendent's Office. Permission may be granted for the distribution of such materials under the following conditions:

1. The material contributes to the education, health, welfare, or safety of students.

2. The organization requesting permission is reputable, non-profit, non-religious, and related to the education, health, welfare, or safety of students.

3. The material is factual and falls within the guidelines outlined in Board Policy 1325.

4. The advertising or sale to students or employees of articles shall be prohibited.

5. Permanent sponsorship shall be permitted only with approval of the Superintendent or his /her designee.

6. Sponsorship recognition through temporary signage that does not include a "call to action" shall be allowed when there is clear benefit to the school and/or district, has a clear sunset date, has minimal impact on school operations or classroom activities, and is not located within a classroom.

The priority of the district is always student achievement.

No classroom intrusion: Sponsorship activities including branding and signage will not be allowed in classrooms at any time.

Participation in sponsored activities shall not be mandatory: Acceptance of a sponsor's products or service must never be made a condition for student or staff participation in the sponsored activity or program. For example, schools or central offices shall neither insist that students wear clothing carrying the sponsor's name or brand, nor require students to participate in the sponsored activity.

Protecting the integrity of the BUSD brand is integral to the district's success: BUSD is seen as a large and attractive market for sponsors and it is beneficial to be associated with the district name. Activities must never compromise the high integrity of the school district as an instructional institution that serves children. The activities of the sponsor must be consistent with the district's mission, programs, purposes, and standards and must not be incompatible with or reflect negatively on the district, its mission, or its policies. The activities of the sponsor must not constitute any real or apparent conflict of interest and must not be in conflict with any provisions of federal, state, or local laws and regulations.

District employees cannot individually benefit as a result of sponsorship: Employees must not take, or seek to take, improper advantage of their position in order to obtain personal benefits from sponsors or sponsorships. The benefits of a sponsorship must go to school(s) or central office unit(s).

Sponsorship is not an endorsement by BUSD of a product, service, or business: The acceptance of resources from a sponsor, and the recognition of that sponsor, are not an indication of BUSD endorsement of that product, service, or business. Additionally, acceptance does not have bearing on any future BUSD contract.

Endorsement: An endorsement means any advertising message (including verbal statements, demonstrations, or depictions of the name, signature, likeness, or other identifying personal characteristics of an individual or the name or seal of an organization) that consumers are likely to believe reflects the opinions, beliefs, findings, or experiences of BUSD¬óeven if the views expressed by BUSD are identical to those of the sponsoring advertiser. The party whose opinions, beliefs, findings, or experience the message appears to reflect will be called the endorser and may be an individual, group, or institution.

Prohibited sponsors: The district shall not seek sponsorship from any entities or corporations that market, sell or produce products that may be harmful to children; including, but not limited to: tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, vaping, drug paraphernalia, firearms, gambling, or high fat and calorie foods and drinks.

Equity: Sponsorship must promote equity among all students. Sponsors shall be encouraged to support a variety of schools to ensure equity in access and opportunities.

Distinguishing Sponsorship from Advertising

Sponsorship occurs when an organization, which may be a business, a community-based organization, a higher education institution, or a trade group, responds to a request for support of a program, project, or event. This support could be financial or come from resources, including materials and labor. The sponsor will be recognized for its support.

Advertising on the other hand, is when an organization approaches a school and offers to pay to post a sign or banner, or offers to share its profits from the sale of a product in exchange for advertising on campus. When approached with this type of offer, it is appropriate to inform the organization of BUSD's no advertising policy, and ask if, instead, they would sponsor a school event, such as a literacy activity or a Back to School Night, which would be the appropriate venue for sponsorship recognition. Staff is encouraged to use such opportunities to redirect interested parties toward activities that are not only beneficial for students and the school, but also provide them the opportunity to practice good corporate citizenship.

Any banners/signs posted at outdoor facilities will be placed at the discretion of the district, and only in district-approved locations. Posting of banners on fencing is limited to the inside of the fence and at the height approved by the district. Exceptions may apply, in certain cases, for elementary schools, where the signs may face either inward or outward. For secondary schools, exceptions are specific to the request to (1) have the signs face outward, (2) obtain Principal approval only, and (3) for a limited period of time as designated by the Principal. Signs must not extend beyond the height, length, or width of four (4) feet by six (6) feet.

Banners and sponsorship logos on clothing are allowed as long as they are not regarded as advertising, but rather as sponsor recognition, and have a clear purpose and a sunset date.

The sponsor shall be fully and exclusively responsible for all costs and expenses associated with the procurement, building/posting, maintenance, and removal of sign(s).

Any damages to persons or property resulting from the placement of such banners and signs shall be paid for by the requesting sponsor party.

The sponsor shall indemnify and hold the school district harmless from any claims, including those for bodily injury and intellectual property right infringement, arising out of the installation, presence, maintenance, and removal of the advertiser's sign on district property.

Partners shall not utilize the BUSD name, logo, or any other BUSD intellectual property in the advertising or promotion of any specific product or service.

All banners or signs must be maintained in good condition meeting district standards as established/determined by the superintendent or designee. The appearance, visual integrity, duration, size, location of banners or signs on school sites, and physical impact to campus buildings/property will all be significant factors in determining whether a request is deemed acceptable.

Organizations requesting permission to distribute materials in district schools shall adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Materials must not require follow-up in the classroom in terms of collections of money or maintenance of check-off lists for materials returned.

2. There shall be no distribution of materials during the first three weeks of the new school year, except for information regarding nonprofit childcare programs, nor the last two weeks of school.

3. Materials distributed to elementary schools (Transitional Kindergarten through 5th Grades), must be delivered to the school offices one week prior to the week of distribution. These materials shall be pre-packaged, by the sponsor, in quantities of sets of 34 for Transitional Kindergarten through grade 5. The principal has the discretion to determine when the materials will be distributed.

4. Materials distributed to secondary schools or at the discretion of the principal, may be placed in a designated location for pick-up by interested students and parents. Approximately 200 flyers should be delivered to each middle and high school.

5. Banners or signs must be in good condition and must be no larger than four (4) feet x six (6) feet.

6. Banners or signs must meet district approval prior to hanging.

7. Hanging of banners shall be in designated areas of fencing with no less than three (3) feet of space between banners in order to reduce wind resistance and enhance line-of-sight.

8. Banners or signs may be posted a maximum of one year.

9. No banners or signs are permitted on the front of the school.

10. No district or school names, logos, mascots or official colors shall be authorized for use by or for any non-district business, product, activity, or cause unless otherwise approved in writing by the superintendent or appointed designee.

11. Banners in place for the promotion of a business, product, service, or organization must coincide with the objectives and goals of the district. Businesses may advertise the name of the company and one of the following: phone number, address, email, or web address only.

12. Sponsored posters are under the approval of the school principal.

13. The opportunity to place banners on BUSD property shall in no case be construed to constitute a right to posting of the same.

Examples of inappropriate signage include, but are not limited to, a description of services or products, business contact information, and advertising language such as coupons, special offers, or slogans:

Samples of appropriate signage include advertising information and only serve to recognize and thank the sponsor:

Thank you - Bright Ones Elementary School

Jill's Jewelry Thanks to

For your support! Our Back to School Night Supporter!

Bright Ones Elementary School Captain Can

Permissible District Venues for Sponsorship

The following district venues may be used for sponsorship under the terms and conditions specified in this policy:

1. Concessions at district or school ceremonies, performances, athletic events, and/or other activities may display sponsorship.

2. Sponsorship signs and banners may be posted in school gymnasiums and at outdoor athletic facilities in accordance with these written guidelines.


Banners or signs approved for display will be subject to certain restrictions in keeping with the standards of good taste. In keeping with this, the school district reserves the right to exclude any banner that is inappropriate or inconsistent with the obligations of the Burbank Unified School district. The following sponsorship banners or signs are prohibited:

1. Sponsorship that is inconsistent with the district's educational values, goals, or core beliefs.

2. Sponsorship that concern drugs, marijuana, tobacco, vaping, alcohol or firearms.

3. Sponsorship that proselytizes and/or promotes any religious or political topic with the intention of converting its readers.

4. Sponsorship that concerns the nomination, retention, or election of any person to public office.

5. Sponsorship that concerns any federal, state, or local ballot issue, ballot question, or matter that is, or may be, at issue in a public election.

6. Sponsorship that promotes or favorably portrays conduct that is unlawful, or conduct that is inconsistent with district policy or regulation.

7. Sponsorship that promotes or favorably portrays conduct disruptive of district or school operations.

8. Sponsorship that creates an actual or reasonably perceived conflict between the public responsibilities and private interest of any district employee or Board member.

9. Sponsorship that promotes hostility, disorder, or violence.

10. Sponsorship that negatively attacks any ethnic, racial, or religious groups.

11. Sponsorship that is libelous.

12. Sponsorship that violates the rights of others.

13. Marketing and advertising of non-nutritious foods and beverages through signage, vending machine fronts, logos, scoreboards, school supplies, advertisements in school publications, coupons or incentive programs, free giveaways, or other means.

Any activity allowed by this policy shall be respectful of all people without regard to their disability, race, color, gender, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status, socioeconomic status, cultural background, familial status, physical characteristics, or linguistic characteristics.

Removal of Banners

The district has the authority, at any time, to order removal of any and all banners or signs deemed inappropriate or unapproved, as set forth in this policy, at no financial penalty to the district. In this event, district staff will remove them without further notice.

Approved event signs or banners have to be removed shortly after the event, and in accordance with Burbank Unified School district expectations. If the banners/signs are not removed by the deadline date set by the requesting party, the district will remove these objects without special notice and at cost to the requesting party.


All murals require prior approval and must meeting the following criteria outlined below.

1. The person or group must submit a design to the Superintendent or designee.

2. Review of mural design and location must be approved by the Superintendent, or designee, including community projects.

3. Mural must be completed by a person or group with prior mural painting experience who will provide a portfolio or picture of prior work experience. Painting of the mural shall be completed by the artist(s).

4. Community projects must be undertaken under the direction of an experienced artist.

5. Colors must be consistent with the surrounding area.

6. Materials must be durable, graffiti resistant, and weather resistant. Upon completion, murals must be painted with a graffiti-resistant coating.

7. Workmanship: any support/attachments must be approved by the Superintendent or designee.


The district reserves the right, at any time, to amend, modify or change, as the district sees fit, these guidelines without any prior notice.

Banners, posters, and murals created prior to this policy will be evaluated for compliance with this policy. If the art does not meet this policy, they may be removed at the discretion of the Board of Education, the Superintendent, or his or her designee.


approved: April 19, 2007 Burbank, California

revised: November 5, 2009

revised: August 19, 2010

revised: October 15, 2015

revised: December 20, 2018

revised: February 7, 2019