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School-Connected Organizations   

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To be recognized as a school-connected organization, parent/guardian/booster groups must petition and be approved by action of the Board of Education to become a school-connected organization in accordance with Board policy 1230. Petitioners must submit an annual request on the forms provided for approval within the deadline established by the Board of Education which shall be no later than 30 days prior to the 2nd October Board of Education meeting, to the responsible site principal for review, including the information stipulated in this regulation. After receipt of all required information, the site administrator will forward the written request forms of verified booster groups to the district administrative designee. The responsible district designee will review and verify documentation for submittal to the Board of Education. School connected organizations may not operate or fundraise until approved by the Board of Education.

Information to be Included in Annual Written Request

1. Date of the application.

2. Legal name of the organization, name of supported school site, and the following tax identifying numbers.

a. IRS Federal ID #

b. CA State Franchise Tax Board Entity #

c. CA State Charitable Trust #

3. Names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of all elected officers and BUSD faculty advisor.

4. Current name of the bank(s) or accredited financial institution(s) where the organization's account(s) are located and the names and titles of those authorized to disburse funds.

5. Description of the organization's purpose and/or mission statement supporting BUSD schools.

6. Signed statement by all officers, staff advisors, and site shall complete district- approved school connected organization training as scheduled.

7. Agreement that fundraising activities directly related to an extracurricular/instructional program must be approved by the responsible site administrator or designee.

8. Agreement that all proceeds of funds raised for a specific purpose/activity, shall be expended on the activity and not for other organizational purposes.

9. Agreement that the school site principal or designee must approve all publications and literature that the organization may send to parents and/or the community.

10. Agreement to abide by all provisions of Board policy 1230 and this administrative regulation.

11. Agreement to be officially recognized as a tax-exempt public charity under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(3) and under California Code R&TC 23701d. New or previously revoked organizations must provide proof of a current tax-exempt status letter of determination from the IRS and State of California OR proof of a newly filed current IRS form 1023/1023EZ and California Form 3500.

12. Agreement that if the organization ceases to exist for any reason, and after paying or adequately providing for its debts and obligations, the remaining financial and/or tangible assets of the organization shall be distributed to BUSD, or a BUSD recognized school connected 501(c)(3) public charity, with the requirement that said funds be restricted solely for the program or school the organization supports within 60 calendar days.

13. A copy of its current governing documents, such as, but not limited to, bylaws, constitution, articles of incorporation, and any affiliation agreements.

14. Agreement to submit proof of filing and copies of all Federal tax reports for the immediate, most recent prior reporting year, as requested.

15. Agreement to submit proof of filing and copies of all California state tax reports for the immediate, most recent prior reporting year, as requested.

16. Agreement to hold organization meetings at least monthly that are open to all participants of the programs supported and submit copies of approved meeting minutes to the site principal.

17. Agreement to submit financial reports, at least quarterly, to the site principal.

18. Agreement that the organization's financial and other records shall be available for review by the district at any time.

19. Agreement to conduct, and submit copies as requested, a mid-year and year-end internal financial review (audit), either by committee or appointed individual who does not have check-signing privileges. (Individual must not be related by blood or marriage, or reside in the same household as any officer with check-signing privileges).

20. Agreement to conduct, and submit copies as requested, of an internal financial review (audit) upon the resignation of any officer with check-signing privileges.

21. Agreement to submit and attach a copy of the organization's accounting sheet of itemized revenues and expenditures for the prior fiscal year as requested.

22. Agreement to submit a detailed annual budget, which must include all anticipated income and all anticipated expenses for upcoming school year.

23. Agreement to submit a calendar, in list format, of the organization's proposed fundraisers, events, activities, and meeting dates for upcoming school year (This is not the school calendar, athletic schedule, or performance schedule of the school program).

24. Agreement to submit copies of all fundraising literature/parent direct donation request packets for the upcoming school year.

25. Agreement to hold the district harmless from liability due to the organization's own negligence.

26. Agreement to provide evidence (Certificate of Insurance) of Comprehensive General Liability insurance as required by law in an amount equal to or exceeding $1,000,000 in coverage and naming Burbank Unified School District as additional insured.

27. Signature and recommendation of the Site Administrator and Assistant Principal, where applicable, supporting the request for authorization.

Authorization granted under this policy shall be valid for up to one calendar year. Requests for continuing authorizations by organizations that remain in operation throughout the school year are to be submitted annually to the responsible site administrator(s) who will maintain the records and submit approved request for authorization to the Superintendent or designee.

After review, and upon approval of the application which has been forwarded to the Board, the approved organization may continue to plan fundraising activities directly related to an extracurricular/instructional program.

A copy of this policy and administrative regulation will be distributed to all organizations by the site administrator or designee upon petition to become a school-connected organization. It shall also be redistributed annually to each existing club to remind for review of the conditions and timeliness of this policy and administrative regulation.

School-connected organizations automatically grant the Board the right to audit their financial records at any time, for cause or randomly, at the cost of the district. The district shall annually identify, randomly or for cause, at least two school-connected organizations to be audited by the district or district's auditor.

The use of school facilities for a school-connected organization's program, fundraiser, or other activity shall be authorized by the responsible site administrator or designee and shall be conducted according to Board policy, administrative regulations, the rules of the sponsoring school, and the district's Civic Center procedure.

Any use of a name or logo affiliated with the district, a district school, or a school team shall require the prior consent of the Superintendent or designee.

The organization shall not act as an agent of the district or school.

Requirements for Managing Funds and Fundraising Activities

All school-connected organizations shall comply with the following requirements for managing funds and fundraising activities:

1. The district requires that any fundraising activity by a school-connected organization, designed to raise money to benefit a school program or its students, receive approval in advance from the site administrator or designee.

2. School-connected organization funds are not to be commingled with student body funds, PTAs, or other school connected organizations.

3. Student participation in fundraising activities will be governed by provisions of Education Code 51520.

4. The proceeds of fundraising may be used for any expenditures as permitted by Board Policy and Education Code provisions, such as salaries, books, equipment, etc.

5. District employees shall not sign checks on behalf of, nor serve as an elected or appointed officer or board member of, any school-connected organizations. District employees may serve in an advisory capacity to the school-connected organization so long as it does not present a conflict of interest with their duties as a school employee or create undue influence for personal gain.

6. All funds generated by activities must be deposited within three (3) working days in an account under the name of the school-connected organization in an accredited financial institution as per this policy.

7. Disbursement of all funds generated by activities will require two co-signers, not residing in the same household or related by blood or marriage.

8. Cash transactions are discouraged, but, if used, the following procedures shall be in place:

a. Fundraisers involving the sale of merchandise or other items by individuals shall require that the organization issue an itemized inventory (in duplicate) to the student at the time that the merchandise or other items (e.g. candy, tickets, etc.) are given to the individual to sell. The individual will sign the inventory to acknowledge receipt of the merchandise or other items. Upon completion of the fundraiser, when the individual turns in the cash, a cash receipt shall be issued.

b. For cash transactions in which individuals exchange cash for goods or services, or payments are made for a specific purpose to an organization, an itemized cash receipt shall be issued.

c. Non-cash sales, including those paid by check or credit card, do not require the issuance of an itemized receipt.

9. All requests for reimbursements shall be pre-approved by the organization, accompanied by an itemized original receipt and submitted to the organization for payment.

10. An organization may NOT have debit or credit cards connected to the organization's bank account. This is strictly prohibited as it violates the requirement for two (2) co-signers on all disbursements.

11. Organizations may conduct raffles, casino nights or other related fundraisers with proper permits as governed by California Penal Code section 320.5. All 50/50 raffles are illegal and not permitted by the State of California.

To initiate the donation of a purchased item(s) or donated goods or equipment, the organization shall contact the site administrator and request that the administrator complete and submit a Burbank Unified School District Gift Request Form for acceptance by the Board in accordance with Education Code 41032. The district will, in turn, convey the purchased items, goods or equipment to the identified site.

School-connected organizations shall not hire individuals to assist the school in any co-curricular or instructional program. Organizations shall donate the funds for this purpose to the district. The district will, in turn, hire the individuals in accordance with district policy.

When an approved fundraising activity is conducted for a school-connected organization, such funds shall be raised for the express purpose of being used for the specific school program. Funds may not be diverted or used for recreational activities or any trip that is otherwise not district approved.

(cf. 6153- School Sponsored Trips)

The district and school-connected organization have no authority to collect fees or deny participation in school activities or to withhold a diploma or transcript as a result of a student owing fees. (Education Code 49011)

It shall be the prerogative of the Superintendent, either independently or upon the advice of the administrator, to recommend to the Board the disassociation of the school or district from any organization at such time as it is determined that the organization fails to comply with the law, Board policies, administrative regulations, or any rules of the sponsoring school. Notice of disassociation shall be made in writing and sent certified mail to each elected officer of the school-connected organization.


approved: April 19, 2007 Burbank, California

revised: April 16, 2018

revised: October 18, 2018